A “box” joint coffee table

Well this was one of the more frustrating projects I have built to date.  I love the final product but I question the day I decide to build a completely box joint piece of furniture.  The project was entirely constructed out of a bundle of unfinished flooring from the depot which made it challenging due to the random length of boards.  I hope I can find a source for lumber here in NJ that would make these projects more affordable and with higher quality lumber.  The piece is designed to have pillows on top as cushions for use as a foot rest and a coffee table when removed.  I think it is time to upgrade the table saw to something more suited for furniture building.

Nathaniel’s Toy Box: First project in the new shop

I thought that it would be fitting to make something for my son Nathaniel as the first thing to come out of the new shop “Pennington Millworks” I had a bunch of scrap flooring and left over bead board panels from the shop cabinets so with a little time with the planer, table saw, and joiner I am happy with the results.  To add an additional illusion I made the bottom out of the same flooring as the living room so when you open the toy box you cannot see that there is a bottom.  I love building furniture pieces and this one was truly special for the little guy.