Dust Collection Finally Arrives

I finally broke down and ordered an actual dust collection system from Rockler.  The days of the shopvac are over and hopefully the dust collector will be a big help keeping the shop clean and dust levels down.  I built a downdraft sanding table to keep the dust down while using hand sanders and a vortex dust separator to put the bulk of the wood chips and dust directly into a garbage bag.  The system works great for the planers, table saw, and router but I still have some work to do to get the chop saw  to collect all the dust.  The final piece is a shop air purifier system to take the dust out of the air.

About penningtonmillworks
I am a pharmaceutical chemist during the day. On evenings and weekends I have a passion for all things home improvement and woodworking. I am always looking for a new challenging project!

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