Plywood Bookcase with Sapele Top and Good Bye to a Great Shop

This weekend I had a chance to spend some time in the shop for the final time before we  move.  It is bitter sweet to leave but know that in time I will rebuild at the new house.  This shop has many memories and is where I learned to be a “professional”.  It will be missed.  I built a small bookcase using a single sheet of pre-finished plywood.  To save on materials the whole book case was made entirely from the plywood sheet except for the sapele top and maple shelf banding.  On the painted surfaces the plywood prefinish was removed and completed with two coats of paint.  There is a false back to allow for tv wiring to run behind it where it is being installed.

About penningtonmillworks
I am a pharmaceutical chemist during the day. On evenings and weekends I have a passion for all things home improvement and woodworking. I am always looking for a new challenging project!

One Response to Plywood Bookcase with Sapele Top and Good Bye to a Great Shop

  1. Joanna Uhler says:

    this is as always beautiful. we love our entry way bench. It is packed with our table cloths, napkins and placemats. Its perfect. We have another project for you! Russ hasn’t had a chance to draw it out for you. But I want a lamp table with a book shelf underneath to go between our couch and one of our reading chairs in the living room.

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