Acoustic Sound Panels

I have taken on a project making hundreds of 2 foot by 4 foot acoustic sound panels for a client.  They are made of a plywood frame with Owens Corning Acoustic Rigid Fiberglass in between and then covered in a acoustic fabric and stapled.  In order to speed things up I have rebuilt my saw table that has the calibrated saw stops to not have to use a tape measure too often.   The fabric covering took the longest to get used to doing.

Custom Sawn Lumber from the Yard

When we moved into our new place I noticed a large tree in the backyard that looked like it had been dead for a long time.  Most of the small branches had already fallen and the bark had peeled from from main trunk.  This spring we put up a swingset for the kids and I decided the tree should go to avoid crushing the playset if it fell.  After one attempt to cut it with my saw resulting in a dull blade I called in a friend with more experience with tree cutting and we managed to get it down.  The tree was very dense and had a color and grain I was not expecting. Instead of cutting up for firewood I researched the tree and found out it is a red elm.   The tree is rare to find and had been historically used for furniture, car rims, and baseball bats.  I found a guy close to my house that custom mills trees.  After some help from my father in law to load on my trailer it was milled into several different dimensions for a couple of projects.  The tree had been dead for probably a decade and was already below 20% moisture.  It is all stacked below my deck to finalize the drying process.  I am planning on building a new kitchen table and our fireplace mantel from the wood.  I have over 100 board feet so I have some for interesting projects.

Face Frame and Doors for an Existing Wet Bar

I was asked to build some door to dress up the back side of a basement wet bar.  Based on the dimension I was able to build a complete face frame and doors as an assembly to simply screw in place to the existing structure.  The client requested black satin paint as the finish.