Custom Birch File Cabinet and Shelves

I just finished a project in the new shop that is a custom file cabinet.  The cabinet is designed to fit under an existing table and provides two large file drawers on one side and shelved for binders on the other.  The challenge was to fit the design needs in to the overall height limitation of 26″.  There are two matching corner shelves with an integrated invisible mounting system. I also learned a valuable lesson that when using ebony stain one should really consider wearing gloves.


New Pennington Millworks Shop Is Complete

Well it took a lot of time but the new Pennington Millworks is complete.   At this point I have recreated everything that was in Bound Brook and have made a few upgrades along the way.  The room has been completely gutted, rewired with its own 100 amp panel with dedicated circuits for each set of outlets, insulated with sound deadening mineral wool and R50 in the attic, new R18 garage doors with jack shaft motors and and a high lift kit, custom cabinets and saw tables, and a pine tongue and groove ceiling.

There are a few projects left to go including air conditioning and dust collection but those will come in time.