A Lathe is Added to the Shop

I ran into a deal I could not refuse for a mini lathe.  I picked it up at harbor freight (which I normally avoid) because it has great reviews and is essentially the same lathe as the rockler only much cheaper.  I am going to practice to be able to make any projects in the future that require wood turning and to have a better use for all the small pieces of scrap that I generate.  My first attempt was a bowl made from the left of Sapele from the last projects.  The second bowl is the first project from the red elm in the back yard.

4 Season Porch Kitchenette

I just completed a project building a kitchenette for a 4-season porch.  The design had to fit into a space with two walls at a 45 degree angle and the right side has a window constraint. The cabinet includes my first triangle drawer. The cabinet is constructed of cabinet grade pre finished maple plywood with solid poplar face frames and doors and drawers.  The right shelf side allows for installation of a mini fridge.  The upper cabinet has glass doors and adjustable shelving.  The top is made from solid 5/4 Sapele.

Circular Book Shelf End Table (Sapele)

This weekend I spent some time in the shop building a circular bookshelf end table.  The table is based on one a client had seen in a magazine.   The table dimensions are 2 foot round and 27″ tall and is constructed from solid glued up Sapele.   The finish is clear satin polyurethane that has been steel wooled and hand rubbed.  This was the first project to utilize the band saw and belt/disc sander I picked up from friends earlier this year.