Our Kitchen Renovation is Complete!

It took a little over two months to complete, but I just completed the final steps of our kitchen / family room renovation.  The basic design was to remove the wall between the kitchen and the adjacent family room and relocate the Fridge to make it more functional.   The design was based on the shaker kitchen I recently completed in Lancaster PA.  Here are some of the highlights from this project.   The cabinets are shaker inset with dovetail soft close drawers and door fronts.   The previously enormous soffit was eliminated by relocating all of the upstairs plumbing inside the crown detail of the new cabinets.  My father in law helped me rewire the whole project and add all the recessed LED cans, pendants, and outlets. I had Bob from American Heritage help with the flooring install and finishing.  One project that was unique was the DIY soapstone counter tops which were completed with a little patience, some diamond blades and routers, and strong friends to help lift the nearly 400 pound slabs.  I was able to source DIY slabs of Mumbai Grey Soapstone in 7′ by 30″ pieces locally from M.Teixeira Soapstone.   The peninsula is edge grained solid walnut and a quarry stone interlocking backsplash.