Buddy’s Sibling Car (VW Beetle)

Well if you build a fun car with one of your children the other wants one also.   Our boy scout troop has sibling races for the kids not in the scouts so I decided it would be great to make buddy “actually me” a crazy detailed car.

I wanted to make a car that was more on the realistic side so I chose to make a replica of my 1975 restored beetle.   I tried hard to make every detail as accurate as possible while fitting in to the rules of our pack.

The car was built very similar to the other car but this time I did all painted detail and a lacquer finish.   The bumpers are covered in aluminum tape and the wheel painted to match my rims.  I used a dull pencil to etch into the primer coat all of the panel details from the VW.  This took a significant amount of time but was well worth it.  Buddy helped on a few steps but was not as into it Nathaniel.

“The King” Our First Pine Wood Derby Car

Nathanial and I had a wonderful couple of days building our first pine wood derby car for boy scouts.  We also figured out that having a shop like ours is perfect for this kind of activity and we both really enjoy building these cars.

Nathanial wanted to build “The King” from the original cars movie as his first Derby car.  We search on the internet and found a article on how to build the car http://www.maximum-velocity.com/pinewood_derby_times_v9_i9.htm.   We asked the builder if he would be willing to share his plans with us and he was kind enough to supply them to us which was a huge help!  Thank you Andy Holzer.

We had to make some modifications to the plans provided because our troop does not allow modification to the wheel base provided axle slots and required a other specific dimensions.  We also couldn’t find water slide decals or the suggested spray paint locally and needed to complete the project while I was on my Christmas shutdown from work.  In order to complete we color matched the decal sheets using latex house paint from Home Depot and used my automotive spray to apply that and an overcoat in polycrylic water based urethane similar to the process I use on cabinet doors.  We used label paper to make the decals and sprayed over them with the final coats of poly.  Next year we will plan ahead more and have the water slide decals on hand because we definitely could have had a smoother final finish.  Still deciding if we should go back and wet sand and polish the car or leave it as is.

Nathaniel participated in every step from planning the additional pine, using the chop saw to cut dimensionally, applying the templates with spray adhesive, the band saw and scroll saw to rough out the shape, and final carving with wraps and sand paper.   He was also able to help with the painting using my HVLP sprayer.

We will need to remove some material from the bottom to get to the proper weight and will do final adjustments to get the car as fast as we can while remaining within our pack rules for minor wheel polishing and graphite.

Overall this was one of the most fun projects I have worked on in my hobby shop and may make another for the sibling race with Buddy.