Buddy’s Sibling Car (VW Beetle)

Well if you build a fun car with one of your children the other wants one also.   Our boy scout troop has sibling races for the kids not in the scouts so I decided it would be great to make buddy “actually me” a crazy detailed car.

I wanted to make a car that was more on the realistic side so I chose to make a replica of my 1975 restored beetle.   I tried hard to make every detail as accurate as possible while fitting in to the rules of our pack.

The car was built very similar to the other car but this time I did all painted detail and a lacquer finish.   The bumpers are covered in aluminum tape and the wheel painted to match my rims.  I used a dull pencil to etch into the primer coat all of the panel details from the VW.  This took a significant amount of time but was well worth it.  Buddy helped on a few steps but was not as into it Nathaniel.

About penningtonmillworks
I am a pharmaceutical chemist during the day. On evenings and weekends I have a passion for all things home improvement and woodworking. I am always looking for a new challenging project!

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