The Master Bath is Complete


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Well it took just over three years but this last weekend we finished the renovation of our house!  Of course we will come up with other upgrades and projects but at this point every room of the house and the outside has been updated.

We wanted to expand the bathroom’s feel without out changing the overall footprint of the space.   There was an used closet that we removed and we converted the door to a pocket door to increase the usable space.   The new shower is built around a 2-curb Kohler pan, marble tile, a glass frameless enclosure, and a ceiling mounted rain shower head.  In keeping with the theme of the rest of the house we used DIY soapstone for the counter top and soapstone tiles over electric heat for the flooring. (M TEIXEIRA SOAPSTONE, Glen Rock NJ)

The vanity is wall mounted and matching the kitchen has a simplistic shaker inset design.  One unique feature of the vanity is a hidden latch system to operate as a secure child lock on the cabinet door.

The final design feature utilized the live edge red elm slab that I had milled from a tree in the yard when we moved in. (Custom Sawn Lumber from the Yard)  The shelves were thickness planed and then a hidden cleat was installed on the wall to make them appear to float.

About penningtonmillworks
I am a pharmaceutical chemist during the day. On evenings and weekends I have a passion for all things home improvement and woodworking. I am always looking for a new challenging project!

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