4 Season Porch Kitchenette

I just completed a project building a kitchenette for a 4-season porch.  The design had to fit into a space with two walls at a 45 degree angle and the right side has a window constraint. The cabinet includes my first triangle drawer. The cabinet is constructed of cabinet grade pre finished maple plywood with solid poplar face frames and doors and drawers.  The right shelf side allows for installation of a mini fridge.  The upper cabinet has glass doors and adjustable shelving.  The top is made from solid 5/4 Sapele.

Face Frame and Doors for an Existing Wet Bar

I was asked to build some door to dress up the back side of a basement wet bar.  Based on the dimension I was able to build a complete face frame and doors as an assembly to simply screw in place to the existing structure.  The client requested black satin paint as the finish.



Replacement Medicine Cabinet

Rebuilding a new medicine cabinet for my neighbor.   The original from homedepot was made out of a film covered pressed board and had already begun to fall apart.  I am re-using the glass and hinges but making the new one out of much better materials.

Oak Entertainment System with Raised Panel Doors

This is a project that his been on the table for some time for my friend Brent.  The project was designed a few years ago when I helped him finish his basement and finally time and new tools allowed it come to fruition.  The cabinet is built out of oak veneer plywood and constructed using pocket screws.  As a side note pocket screws are fantastic in accelerating build speed.  Just out of habit I went ahead and used biscuits and glue for good measure even though they claim it is completely unnecessary.

The doors are constructed as true “raised” panel doors with solid oak for the panels, rails, and styles.  Round of the project with some stock molding pieces, cherry stain, and poly and it was ready to install.  Will post additional pictures once it is filled with the electronics equipment.