A Captain’s Bed for Buddy

The long labor day weekend allowed me to spend some time catching up on a few projects in the shop that are necessary to free up some furniture for the baby’s room.  Silas has been sleeping in a crib converted to a toddler bed but with the sister about a month away he needed a new bed.  I plan on building a second similar bed for Nathaniel soon as well.

I built a captain’s bed with three very large drawers (21 wide, 30 deep, and 14 tall).   The bed is constructed so the headboard and foot board are detachable and can be attached on either side depending on the layout of the room.  The bed is plywood construction with solid wood headboard, faceframe, and drawer fronts.  The drawers are dovetailed poplar using the side mount roller slides.   I now remember why the under mount slides that I used in the kitchen cost almost double.  They simply install easier and the soft close functions better.

Our Kitchen Renovation is Complete!

It took a little over two months to complete, but I just completed the final steps of our kitchen / family room renovation.  The basic design was to remove the wall between the kitchen and the adjacent family room and relocate the Fridge to make it more functional.   The design was based on the shaker kitchen I recently completed in Lancaster PA.  Here are some of the highlights from this project.   The cabinets are shaker inset with dovetail soft close drawers and door fronts.   The previously enormous soffit was eliminated by relocating all of the upstairs plumbing inside the crown detail of the new cabinets.  My father in law helped me rewire the whole project and add all the recessed LED cans, pendants, and outlets. I had Bob from American Heritage help with the flooring install and finishing.  One project that was unique was the DIY soapstone counter tops which were completed with a little patience, some diamond blades and routers, and strong friends to help lift the nearly 400 pound slabs.  I was able to source DIY slabs of Mumbai Grey Soapstone in 7′ by 30″ pieces locally from M.Teixeira Soapstone.   The peninsula is edge grained solid walnut and a quarry stone interlocking backsplash.

Shaker Style Cabinets Build in Lancaster PA

It was hard to believe that I would end up building cabinets for a historic row house in Lancaster PA.   I was asked to build a set of custom shaker inset cabinets for a kitchen with 10′ ceilings.  In order to keep the theme consistent and not have duplicate face frames each wall is constructed as a single cabinet.   This project was a challenge but Rebecca liked it enough that I am currently duplicating the basic concepts in our kitchen in NJ.   Here are some pics from the build and install.  I will post final pics once the client completes the finishing touch

Maple and Sapele Bread Board

Tonight I finished a Maple and Sapele bread board for a collegue at work for his outdoor bread oven.  I think I will have to replace our old pizza paddle soon.  



Small Media Table “found” in the left over walnut from the mantle

On of the last projects for the family room was a small table to hold the receiver, cable box, and Apple TV.   It needed to be small enough to not interfere with the in wall speaker and I wanted it to match the mantle.   I had about a 4 foot piece of 4″ by 8″ rough walnut left from when I put the mantle in so designed a table from just that single piece.   After a lot of re-sawing and planning I was able to build a simple end table that fits the space perfectly.

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Family Room Rennovation

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It ended up being the right time to renovate the family room.  The room had a red brick fireplace with dark mortar, and wainscoting that was made from oak flooring vertical on the walls.   The project started as a simple placement of a TV above the fireplace and quickly spiraled into a full room update.   When I went to install the wires in the wall for the TV I could not easily access the wall behind the wainscot.  The previous owner had replaced the sheetrock under the oak with 1/2 ply nailed with a framing nailer.  Then the flooring was liquid nailed and nailed to the plywood.  After a lot of nail pulling and replacement sheetrock I matched the wainscot from the home theater with a Sapele chair rail.  For the fireplace I used a stack stone veneer and brought it all the way to the ceiling.  The hearth is bluestone and the mantle is a solid walnut beam I bought from the same guy near by that milled my tree last year.   The final pieces were new  furniture and a gas log set.   This is quickly is becoming our favorite room.

Wall Leaning Poplar Bookshelf

Just completed a wall leaning bookcase out of solid poplar.    The customer wanted it stained in a dark red mahogany stain.   The challenge was aligning everything to have proper spacing and angles from the way it leans against the wall.